March 1, 2014 turned out to be the last Ash Wednesday I was to identify myself as a practicing Catholic. After having spent months of actively denying that the Catholic worldview was false and full of pagan teachings and superstition, I eventually determined to forsake my preconceptions and simply resolve myself to follow Christ, and follow him so closely that I would know nothing else.

In my efforts to discover the truth, I learned of, tested, and eventually adopted the ideology of Abolitionism. Its tenets effectively lay out how a professing Christian is to actively love their neighbor as commanded in a bright and salty capacity while being surrounded by a culture that hates God. I am grateful for my relationships with my fellow abolitionists and am always sharpened and edified by them.

When a mainstream part of the Abolitionist movement began focusing their attention and efforts into the legislative rat-race, I threw in my own attention and effort with enthusiasm. However, the more I tried to further and aid those projects and the more I examined those coordinated efforts, the more I realized that my actions and attention reflected a sort of backslide into my pragmatic projects as a Catholic Pro-Lifer. As I wanted to tell myself I was doing these things for purer motives, I could not honestly discern whether these legislative actions were being pursued and carried out for the fanfare and publicity they accrued for the movement, or with the wholehearted intention that they succeed and get codified into human law.


Driven by my motivation to know nothing but Christ, I allowed myself the necessary pause in order to investigate my convictions and discerning how they related to my relationship with Him. I began to study what it really meant to be “in the world but not of the world” and how to keep my “religion unstained from the world.” My conclusions crushed me in allowing me to see that I had once again failed by being so easily led astray, by passively following the group, going back the same direction I had come. Shortly after making this realization, I encountered quite a few christian “anarchists” through many contacts within the abolitionist movement, and I was led to experiences in understanding Scripture, including various interpretations of “Romans 13“, each more hermeneutic than my previous presupposition. Ultimately, my conclusions led me to grief for how badly I had failed this mission that I set upon.

However, I did not weep for my failure for my journey has made me know more fully the essence of the Gospel, and compelled me to better understand the implications of Christ’s perfect works on the cross. I am not yet completely sanctified unto the characteristics on the right side of the diagram in this article, but praise God that I am no longer completely characterized by the left side. So on this day, my three year anniversary after intentionally beginning to desperately find out the truth of Christianity and pure religion and obedience, I beseech all of you to examine this information and work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

The blog post is taken from this profile post on Facebook.

Abolitionist Anarchist.jpg

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