Birth Control and a Woman’s Health

We understand that many women take hormonal birth control, sometimes not to control whether their preborn children live, but for health reasons. What most women do not know is that birth control will merely mask the symptoms of their imperfect health while proliferating the underlying problems. There are healthy alternatives to hormonal birth control that do not include negative side-effects and will also heal your body. What needs to be fundamentally clear is that there is no excuse for putting the lives of your children in danger by taking hormonal ‘contraception’: neither some idea of self-preservation, nor an effort to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. The posture of the relationship between a mother and her child should be one of nourishment and self-sacrifice for the child’s best interest and greater good. This is the nature of God’s Spirit and order for human interaction. However, God has also provided a thorough and efficacious method of healthcare in sustaining and restoring your health that will not compromise your moral standing before God, Neighbor, and your own progeny. The following testimony should serve as an informed testament to that fact:

Many women today suffer with symptoms of infertility and hormonal imbalance and the subsequent emotions that go along with them. Often in seeking to treat their symptoms naturally, women are bombarded with blogs and books recommending herbs, supplements, creams and specific diets that promise to correct their hormone imbalances and allow their bodies to conceive naturally.

was one of those women.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) after getting off birth control about six years ago. After the ultrasound, I asked the gynecologist what I could do to get rid of PCOS, she recommended I get back on birth control and start on Metformin. I remember getting very quiet. I knew in my heart I did not want to take any medicines, but she was the doctor and she was telling me this was the only way. How was getting back on medicine the only way? Weren’t doctors the ones who were supposed to fix you? I knew there had to be another way.

I left her office without filling any prescriptions and immediately found information on detoxing my body online. For about six to nine months, I tried every natural solution within my understanding. I became a vegan and sought to regulate my hormones with nutrition, I exercised, I took supplements and even felt somewhat better… but I was still not having a monthly cycle. In fact, I was maybe having four to six cycles a year and had no clue when they would come!

I made contact with my homeopath about a year later because I knew I needed help to figure out how to heal my body. At the end of my first appointment with her, she prescribed just one thing: a single homeopathic remedy! I was on my remedy for about four months and started having monthly cycles again. My testosterone had been around 90 nanograms before I started on homeopathy and by the end of four months my testosterone was within normal range.

I was shocked and surprised, and so was she!

I had never tried homeopathy before, much less could I ever fathom that a prescription that cost $11.00 ONCE, could heal my body and cure me of PCOS. I saw my homeopath for about two more months, just for follow-ups and continued taking my remedy until I stopped gradually because I just did not need it anymore. I have had regular monthly cycles ever since.

Clinically, my PCOS was HEALED

And not only that, my remedy allowed me to feel better and experience wellness in all areas of my life. I procrastinated less, I could process life’s difficult obstacles without getting overwhelmed and crying about them. My astigmatism which had required me to wear prescription glasses also went away. Many other annoying psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms I had previously just been tolerating were also gone and were replaced with the ability to appreciate a healthy body and, most importantly, think critically and clearly about important issues, for the first time in my life.

I can already anticipate the objections of skeptics: ‘That may have worked for you, but it will not work for everybody.’ This is a common excuse used by those who may have resigned themselves to the idea that they should mask their symptoms with western medicine and remain chronically ill for their entire lives. That propaganda was inserted into your mind through clever marketing by government-invested companies whose profit margin is sustained by your lack of faith that God has established a philosophy of medicine that can heal your body in a completely holistic way. Homeopathy treats the root of your issues, which is not done by taking pharmacology or herbs which circumvent your broken body and force it to do something it is not healthy enough to do.

Later in life, I learned that birth control not only causes abortion, but is also a poison to a woman’s body and, in addition to the recent human papillomavirus vaccine, is the leading cause in the rise in infertility we see among women today.

“Drugs of all types, of course, are damaging, but in my experience the most disturbing to the organism are antibiotics, tranquilizers, contraceptive pills, cortisone and other hormones.” -The Science of Homeopathy, George Vithoulkas

I share this testimony for multiple reasons:

First, there is this erroneous thought that one should have multiple supplements and herbs to take daily to keep their body functioning well. That is a symptom-based approach to caring for the body, it does not heal. It only continues to place a band-aid over the problem. Considering the ongoing cost of herbs and supplements, it is a very expensive band-aid. And in an emergency situation, without herbs and supplements available, many would not be able to function and some would likely die.

Second, and this is huge to stress– infertility and imbalanced hormones are not the root issue that must be dealt with, but a symptom. Your body being out of homeostasis is the issue. Homeostasis is defined as, ‘a state of equilibrium between processes tending to disorder the organism and processes which tend to maintain order.’ -Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, Dr. James Tyler Kent. So if the body’s processes, in this case ovulation and hormone regulation, are not able to maintain order and function, you are not in a state of homeostasis. Returning the entire body (mental, emotional and physical) to a state of homeostasis will undoubtedly end the symptoms being experienced.

Homeostasis is a great concept for how homeopathy works inside us. ‘Homeo’ being ‘same’ and ‘stasis’ being ‘standing’, the term means ‘tendency toward a state of equilibrium’. Our bodies are in a constant state of flux – a series of actions and counteractions to every stress life presents. The right homeopathic remedy at the right potency can provide the force we need to swing the pendulum just the right way. –Homeostasis and Homeopathy

When you treat the entire body and not just the symptoms, the symptoms will be treated too. When our whole body is being treated and returning to a state of mental and emotional health, any physical problems resolve as well.

Lastly, this solution of using homeopathy to heal the root issue forces us to regard our bodies as God created them. God gave us a physical body with a Spirit dwelling within us. They are not working as separate parts, but synergistically as one.

‘If we have material ideas of disease we will have material ideas of the means of cure.’ -Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, Dr. James Tyler Kent

We can take this one step farther in that, if we have material ideas of how God heals, we will never seek anything outside of material doses of herbs, pharmaceuticals and trust in Scientism. When dealing with an issue of sin, it is only truly resolved with a heart change. Homeopathy works in the same way and reminds me that it is the only way of healing that is consistent with scripture.

It is hard to let go of the idea of not taking daily supplements, herbs and eating restrictive diets; especially when the body does react positively to them. But the bigger questions that should be asked are: why is our body not working properly without supplementation? If we cannot trust our body to work without a daily supplement, are we experiencing true health? If we cannot go weeks or months without that chronic symptom popping up, are we really healthy? If the restrictive foods we eat were not available, would we be able to live on the things God has given us?

If we are not able to consume the wheat and grain of the field that God gives and live without need of daily medicines, we are merely a slave thinking we are free.

If you are struggling with infertility or hormonal imbalance, herbs and supplements are an option, but true and lasting healing will only come by seeking out a qualified homeopath to treat the root of your illness. I cannot promise that it will take only six months to restore you to full health, but the eventual results will be lasting, efficient, and, in the long run, you will save money, time and a be rewarded with a beautiful new outlook on life.

For a list of homeopathy practitioners registered with NASH, click here.

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