When people tell me that I should ‘honor the military’ because American troops are guaranteeing my freedom, dying for my liberties, and allowing me the right to express whatever opinion I want, these are the thoughts that come to mnd:

The last war fought on American soil was the Civil War. The last time America was invaded was during the war of 1812. If the liberties of this nation have ever been in question since then, it has not been from foreign aggressors. Besides, this nation can no longer afford me anything. Not liberty. Not freedom of speech. Nothing. The American nation, like most every other nation on the planet is in fiscal and moral bankruptcy. This might probably have something to do with excessive spending in sending armed forces overseas to die for some opiate farms and some oil for business tycoons, all the while our real liberties are being squandered away by our own sloth, covetousness and bureaucratic oppression. The draft has even been expanded to cover both sexes in order to compound this reality.

So why are American troops really dying? It is not for my freedom. They are dying simply because ‘all who hate God love death.’ The majority of recruits are lost, scared teenagers with little to no direction in life, nor do they have any healthy motivation or identity, due to the fact that they went to public schools, which is due to the fact that both of their parents were full-time employees and could not be there to raise them, which is due to the fact that everybody is in debt, which is due to the fact that everybody is in civil bondage. So, because the parents cannot be around to give their children direction or provide them with a structured worldview, these kids go to where they think they can get direction, structure and even ‘free’ college, housing and maturity: the military, where, if they do not end up dead, they very well likely end up becoming drug-addicted, alcoholic, abusive rapists and degenerates of society who are rewarded with token free shots of alcohol at bars and entitled discounts everywhere else, just because they are enlisted.

American troops do not die for me. They do not die for you. They do not die even for themselves. They die for bureaucrats who consider us all to be expendable property as a recompense for having been wicked our whole lives, coveting our neighbor’s goods, being slothful, and making idols out of death, destruction, and damnation. They die to maintain the status quo, which is slavery. They died for the same reason we all die. Because we hate God and we love false gods.

It does not seem like I get anything at all out of that deal. No freedom. No honor. Nothing. Welcome to the American Dream.


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