It is the plea of the faithless to describe anarchism as lawlessness, professing the need of the magistrate to be the last bulwark between society and chaos.

And yet, the golden age of ancient Israel is described as ‘every man did what was right in his own eyes.’ Every man was king in his own home, maintaining the very dominion that God prescribed at the beginning. This is only possible if God rules every man individually. Anarchism does not indicate lawlessness. It necessitates that the law of God be written on the hearts and minds of those who take the personal responsibility to be God’s living stones, unhewn together by the social contracts and bureaucracy of human civil government, and thereby loving their neighbor as themselves.

Those who need magistrates to maintain order confess their own fears and faults, walk by sight, and rely on the providence of some false god. Most importantly, they enjoy his spoils extracted from the toil of his neighbor: whether it be through welfare, healthcare, protection, or ‘justice‘. They mirror the sluggish and selfish Israelites at the end of their prosperity, tiring of the responsibility inherent in dominion: ‘give us a king to rule over us.’

It is the faithless such as these who try to take the Kingdom by force and make it suffer violence, and it is these who have the Kingdom taken from them, and given to those who would produce the fruits thereof: the anarchists who demand no benefactors who exercise authority, but desire to serve their neighbor in matters of welfare, healthcare, protection and justice, not hewn together in some bureaucratic corral, but stacked upon each other in the adhocracy bound together in faith, by hope, and through charity.

Jesus the Christ, servant-king of Judea came to show us this better way to live, and died to secure it for us from all other kingdoms. Repent therefore, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.


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