The scriptural promotion of the goodness of having children is ontologically opposed to the establishment and maintenance of human civil government. “Be fruitful and multiply” so that you will not find yourself without the support necessary to keep you from relying on the rudiments of men’s welfare schemes and power centers.


Children are considered “arrows” because arrows indicate provision, especially later in life when parents cannot provide for themselves. When children honor their father and mother, they reciprocate the care they received as helpless children, and they secure the elderly from subjecting themselves to the care of human institutions. When parents sell their children to the state through birth certification or social security for immediate provision, they become an offense to their children and sow the seeds of destruction that will bear the fruit of institutional subjugation.

Mothers nurse at their children long before their children ever begin nursing. How? Before the babe is ever held, he is sold into bondage for their life-sustaining tax write offs, and as a surety for debt and collectivist prosperity through corvee, birth certification, and Social Security. “Be not thou one of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts.” (Proverbs 22:26) He is volunteered to be an orphan by his parents who give up their equitable rights to be his parents and trade them to the State for legal stewardship while that State gets to be his father and master, determining his welfare provision, and regulate his life in a society that calls a man (President) their Father and does not visit the orphan (civil citizens). His life is traded for fiat money in order to make the debt cycle and covetous wheel of bad neighbors to continue to roll down onto cursed children.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” (Hosea 4:6)

“Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children.” (2 Peter 2:14)

His life is worth little more than tax benefits and incentives coveted at his neighbor’s expense. In return, he gets to participate in socialist schemes such as public education, government licensing, and the Corban of neo-Pharisees, all maintained by little pieces of cotton, stained green, and inked with the faces of dead, false gods and their temples of public religion.


You see, civil citizenship is a destructive game that isn’t even played for anything resembling real wealth. It is played for made-up points like currency and coin that even continue to depreciate through inflation. This is the nature of corvee and civil bondage. It puts people in such competition with one another that they must sell their children to it for tax benefits, and the eligibility to covet their neighbor’s goods through the agency of human civil government, via taxation and tribute.

These made-up points in the rat race of political infidelity and despair are necessary, because the existing system is bankrupt of any real wealth. National economies go into debt by the overspending that invariably exists when you elect rulers, legislators, and other wicked men to rule over your wicked hearts. Therefore, National economies, or the illusion thereof, can only be maintained by borrowing against the future: Necessarily, the flesh, blood, sweat, and tears of your children’s livelihood. Because the made-up points of fiat economy will not exist when the game is over, you must cannibalize your children in order to keep the losing game going for just a little while longer. This is the necessary factor in worshipping Baal and Molech. Sacrificing children, passing them through the jurisdictional fires of civil citizenship, ensuring their destruction for temporary prosperity.


The Israelites in the civil bondage of Egypt, as well as the repentant in the civil bondage of Herod the Great and Rome, understood the sinful nature of these practices and began to play a new game that did not involve enslaving their neighbor to their prosperity but rather forgave their neighbor’s part in the collective civil debt and more so loved their neighbor as themselves by voluntarily seeking their neighbor’s welfare through organized systems of charity and bonds of love, by establishing Christian networks that regularly communicated with and served the congregations, as we see in the New Testament. They not only refused to participate in, but were kicked out of the social security system established by Herod, and so were even ineligible to partake in the benefits and democratic legislative privileges of Rome. They had their own Godly civil government as a called-out assembly, sanctified from the covetous practices inherent in being subject to human civil government. They even called this transition “the Gospel” and centered their Great Commission message on these principles.

In order for Pharaoh and Caesar to “let my people go,” the people must first let each other go from their registered and licensed collective debt, and begin to forgive each other of their promises to be surety for their prosperity, and to come together under God’s ordinances of faith, hope, and charity, voluntarily, to organize the Kingdom of God sought after by the repentant Israelites and early Christians.

Parents, love your children. Do not sell them into the morally and financially corrupt civil game into that which your parents sold yourselves. Cease from sacrificing your children on the civil altars of Baal and Molech for the empty promises of prosperity. Refuse to allow false gods to bless and incorporate your marriages into the rudiments of their authoritative world which entitles them to the fiscal and biological fruits of your union. Rather, seek to make King Christ your magistrate, for His burden is light, and summed up in the two greatest commandments.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. The fields are ripe and ready for harvest. But the workers are few.

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