Modern Christians have replaced true theology with cereal box rhetoric. One example of this is when they categorize all of human interaction into four separate types of ‘government’. Self government, family government, church government, and human civil government.

Self government is tautological. It is basically a description of growing up and maturation and choosing to do good things and make responsible decisions.

Makes sense.

Family government is also a tautology. Your parents have equity over you, practice coverture and graciously let you use their equity while endeavoring to raise you to make good decisions and be a good steward (and practice ‘self government’).

Makes sense.

Church government is a body of men who read some Scripture to you and sing some songs with you and take your money and maybe kick you out of their club if you get voted off of their islands.

Makes no sense.

Human civil government is a body of men who punish you for speeding, send your children off to war, require all of your equity to even function and replace it with fiat currency, and then give you fiat welfare by muscling your neighbor out of their equity.

Makes nonsense.

Realizing that the tautologies aren’t actually governments but organic displays of common sense, there is only one kind of government in a free and righteous society condoned by God. The church is a body of men who serve the families (which are the State, possessing all of the equity, and not themselves governments), and the church redistributes the free will offerings of equity to those who have need, without exercising authority. The government also networks the families together in love and service like a called-out, separated example of Christ’s servant-leadership.

All of this lofty talk about differing but compatible areas of government are hardly extrapolated from Scripture. They are philosophically meaningless and are not the product of deep study. They are what fills the vacuum of the minds of men when they do not actually understand the basic fundamental teachings of Scripture.


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