The same stone that is rejected by those seeking the efficacy of human civil government is the cornerstone that establishes Godly civil government. The first century anarchists who refused to go “under the power of any” but still became such a mountain that “filled the whole earth” by maintaining a free society through reciprocal charity and accountability in a network of mutual love and freewill association, were in stark contrast to those worldly Pharisaical politicians who enjoyed the fruits and pursuits of collectivism through social contracts, compacts, covenants, and constitutions that helped them realize their designs by taking advantage of the civil bondage of the people, making them fuel and surety for the political machine that perverts justice by handing out benefits and privileges in an attempt to exercise authority.


These politicians had maintained in their rhetoric that their machinations, under the authority of Herod and Caesar, the commanders-in-chiefs of their day, culminated in the “Kingdom of God,” and endeavored to sell the people into bondage under the “peace peace” of the Pax Romana. But it was the only begotten child of God, the servant-king and only rightful heir of the kingdom of Judea who could bring everlasting peace, and he did so only after refusing to place his authority under the authorities and jurisdictions of Herod, Pilate, Caesar, and therefore Satan who offered him the world in exchange for his soul.

In retaining his sovereignty, this rejected-made-cornerstone, Jesus the Christ, was able to free men from the anaerobic cycle of selling birthrights for bonded privileges and death, all physically sacrificed on the altars of human institutions which invariably eventually implode due to their slothful covetousness that enable pride, greed, and immorality, and return rightful authority to every individual, so long as they fulfill the two greatest commandments – visiting the orphan and the widow, and fulfill the Perfect Law of Liberty – keeping themselves unstained from the very world that Christ refused to submit his authority.

The Kingdom of the one, true God in Heaven is a literal reality. It is exclusive to a certain character of citizen and incompatible with all other kingdoms. The Kingdom is not made with human hands to be grasping at man-made edifices and institutions, altars and abominations on Capitol(ine) Hill that maintain a top-down ecclesial dominion, where the first is first and the last is last, the greatest is greatest and least is least; the first and last, greatest and least proclaim and pursue death from generation to generation. The Kingdom is made of human hands that work together to strengthen the hand of the poor and needy and build a network of freewill association and charitable practices that are living sacrifices on living stones, making up living altars to be the welfare of the people leading, from generation to generation, to life. This society is established from the bottom up, with benefactors who exercise titular authority, serving the people in incorruptible love and indefatigable fruit.

An unrighteous society is one that endeavors to chisel legal burdens on hearts of stone, whitewashing tombs with constitutions and washing only the outside of cups with man-made civil laws. A righteous society is dependent upon free men with the law of God written on their hearts of flesh who take personal responsibility for their neighbor’s welfare and righteousness, levying one against the other in the execution of justice and restoration.

Do not be fooled. Those who believe in the efficacy of human civil government, like all socialist infiltrators, are bloodthirsty tyrants at heart, no matter the soft front they put up as they met out their progress. Power corrupted Saul, Korah, Joseph, Solomon, Balaam, and even David. Gideon avoided it. Stephen died in order to avoid exercising it. Jesus condemned it outright.

God’s Law is of a different nature than the legalist systems of human civil government. Even the ones that try to make legal systems mimic some churchian interpretation of God’s law. God’s law is made for servants and bondservants, those who set their fellow men free from the heavy burdens of manmade legal systems through charity and establishing God’s literal kingdom by calling each other to repent of relying on human civil government. Legal systems are for the violent oppressor who take their worldly kingdoms by force, needing Benefactors who exercise authority to provide “justice” and welfare and policy and “health care“.

We should obey God, rather than men. Repent with us and believe the Gospel, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.


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