In order to attempt to express a word on the immigration crisis going on in western society, it is necessary to see the situation for what it is.

It is true that the immigrants being herded across Europe and bussed across central America are being manipulated and sold promises of socialist benefits that appeal to their covetous natures. This is well documented first-hand. The immigrants, financed by globalists with socialist agendas, are fleeing their failing nations which are crippled by socialism in order to partake of the benefits of American socialism because the United States is not yet as far down the road of the failure that is socialism as their respective homelands.

These immigrants will eventually be given citizenship, enrolled in social security, will be able to elect false gods and their providential policies, and to sell their children into the same socialist bondage for their protection and public schooling that citizens take advantage of already, all paid for by socialism. If these immigrants were not already socialists by heart, they would not be allowed to be processed (by socialist funds and bureaucracy) into a nation harboring their shared principles. And the nation is ready to accommodate them. Banks are boycotting companies tied to detention centers. Politicians are diverting billions of taxpayer funds to house, educate, migrate, and protect immigrants. This doesn’t even address the fact that politicians intend to extend the United States socialist healthcare system to cover millions of “illegal” immigrants, even if it means being a catalyst to implode the medical industry.

These groups of immigrants are attractive to more kinds of criminals than just the American politician. Human traffickers and drug lords also conspire to capitalize on socialist “compassion” and the human suffering of the migrants. They even entice mothers and fathers to sell their children to strangers so that these criminals may pretend to be the parents of these children in order to manipulate the immigration processes of western societies. Even for as low as 130 US Dollars. They call this form of trafficking “child-recycling rings.” In addition to this trafficking angle, is the fact that very many of the children at the border are entirely abandoned by their parents, abused by criminals, and are arriving as orphans. You can read more about these practices here, here, and here.

The motivation for the institutionalists in power, as is even outspoken by the corporatists, to orchestrate this recent influx of mass migration into western societies is to hasten the destabilization of these societies and to manipulate public sentiment through the Hegelian Dialectic. The goal, as we have already seen played out in many countries in Western Europe, is violent social unrest, because anything that destabilizes the people is an excuse to implement more civil control, even through martial law and police states. Public sentiment will cry out to the rulers who thusly abused them to save them from the abuse, as if the remedy for destruction is more destruction. That remedy will likely be globalism, heading to a one world order by doing away with the need of immigration in the first place:

“Republicans give speeches about the dangers of illegal immigration. Democrats give speeches about compassion. And then both of them join together and support measures, and soon to be laws, and treaties that will merge Canada, the United States, and Mexico together as one political unit, and there will no longer be an issue of immigration. It will be all one big country. The American people don’t want that. But that is the goal of the Council on Foreign Relations.”(Speech on ‘The Quigley Formula: the conspiratorial view of history as explained by the conspirators themselves’ from G. Edward Griffin)

Europe already has a union, which is why there is no immigration crisis between european countries. The threat, therefore, must come from outside Europe because the inevitable solution was always intended to be unionization of the whole world, one failed nation at a time.

On the flip side, despite their covetous motivations, many of these immigrants are being received coldly, indifferently, and clinically, through the anaerobic bureaucracy of human institutions. They are being waylaid from travel by imperialistic institutions that can only ever endeavor to enforce control over the people. It is true that children are being separated from their parents, though probably in an effort to discern which filial relationships are valid, and which are criminal schemes characterized by sexual exploitation and seedy ambitions. No doubt the motivations of these bureaucrats to micromanage illegal immigrants in internment camps are all likewise “above board” and “in the best interest of the people.” For instance, in order to prevent “the spread of communicable diseases,” immigrants will be vaccinated and injected with the same poisons that American citizens are already experiencing. This is of course due to the fact that close living conditions like refugee or concentration camps are ripe conditions for epidemics.  This is a well-documented occurrence in immigrant detention centers. These human beings are currently treated like animals, caged in a political machination to reshape America, lost and confused, used like pawns in a game meant to be a catalyst for American collapse and globalist take-over:

New US Attorney General William Barr is implementing new rules to curb “catch-and-release” by preventing the release of those seeking asylum by entering the US illegally and claiming “credible fear.” Instead of releasing them, the Department of Homeland Security will have the authority to detain them indefinitely. The effect is expected to discourage new migrants because they will not be able to work and send money to their country of origin if they are imprisoned. The new policy does not apply to family units or unaccompanied children. More than 225,000 family units have been apprehended at the border this year, and a 500% surge in family unit immigrants has been recorded this year. The White House is resuming its “remain in Mexico” policy that is being challenged in a California court. This story is continued here.

One angle concerning the immigration crisis is objectively true: Those who believe that the United States government should treat immigrants decently all invariably believe in the power of socialism. The same is true for those who desire to deport them, detain them, or grant them citizenship. When institutions get involved in human activity, even at the insistence of the people, they instigate a covetous and slothful society with overwhelmingly imperfect results. Reforming these institutions to be more “humane” is still socialism, and socialism collapses societies, whether they are globalist with open borders or nationalist with closed borders. The solution to  experiencing societies collapsed by socialism can never be more socialism, whether by political revolution in one’s home country, or by seeking refuge in a different socialist location, under different elements. It is not only that human civil governments offer benefits to the covetous, but they also round up those who are too slothful to intentionally maintain a free society in their home countries. The current political paradigm to solve the coordinated immigration crisis is a false choice, both ending in debt, destruction, and damnation. Those being detained and deported are instrumental in furthering America’s crippling socialist debt. Those given asylum and benefits are instrumental in furthering America’s crippling socialist debt. God allows both to go into bondage because both represent a rejection of Him and his jurisdiction just like United States citizens have done for generations.

The only way to solve the immigration crisis is the same way that every other crisis can be solved: by the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It was a rejection of this Gospel that encouraged the homelands of these immigrants to collapse under the weight of their covetous socialism. It is a rejection of this Gospel that encourages them to take advantage of American socialism. It is a rejection of this Gospel that compels socialist American institutions to even exist, and therefore involve themselves in condemning, or excusing and regulating immigration in any capacity whatsoever. It is a rejection of this Gospel that compels United States citizens to desire their government to intervene in the lives of immigrants, for “good” or ill, because they are too slothful and prone to virtue-signaling to be Christian and do something about them out of personal responsibility to love their neighbor.

But that would be the solution to the situation. Refugees need the personal compassion of freemen who can spare their time, equity, and daily bread through a Christian network of charity to build up strangers to prosperity and welcome them into their congregations of liberty as free souls under God. They do not need institutions to entice them into more civil bondage. If “Christians” in America were obedient to Christ, seeking to establish His Kingdom, and proscribing the kingdoms of civil bondage as exemplified by the American government, then they would have an effective method to dealing with mass immigration that would actually leave every individual, foreign and domestic, enriched, closer to God, and a part of a free society. They would even have a model to maintain society, by which to give the immigrant so that, if he chose to return home, he could seek God’s Kingdom there and create a prosperous, free society on top of the rubble of the imploded socialist one he left behind. And then the vast Christian network of charity and freewill association could span across continents, just like the early Christians had after Pentecost.

Begin to gather in an organized network of charity and brotherly love. Love your neighbor as yourself. Put his needs above your own. Seek to be bound together in faith, hope, and charity rather than the contracts, entitlements, and taxation that you are currently bound in. In short, create the righteous and voluntary alternative to the morally and fiscally bankrupt kingdom you are presently bound to. The key is to repent and look for salvation. Turn around, humble yourself, and seek the Kingdom of God with your neighbors. Protect each other from the viciousness of human civil government, first and foremost by keeping each other accountable against participating in it in the first place. Adopt abolitionist ideology. Gather together in agitation and assistance. Be righteous and let God handle the rest.

I saw the children in the holding pens
I saw the families ripped apart
And though I try I cannot begin
To know what it did inside their hearts
There was a time when we held them close
And weren’t so cruel, low, and mean
And we did good unto the least of those
Or was it all some kind of dream?

I saw justice with a tattered hem
I saw compassion on the run
But I saw dignity in spite of them
I prayed its day would finally come
There was a time when we chose our sides
And we refused to live between
We rose to fight for what we knew was right
Or was it all some kind of dream?

(All Some Kind of Dream by Josh Ritter)


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