When you elevate a job, profession, or role to a position of authority, disconnecting it from the character and obedience of the person performing that job, profession, or role, then you are practicing witchcraft and superstition: as if your words or rites or incantations or rituals or formalities have any real power to make changes in your life or serve you in any viable way. As if the power, glory, and pleasure of God can be fulfilled and controlled through divination by ascribing the right words (‘pastor‘, ‘elder‘, ‘shepherd‘…) to a man in a collar, or by fulfilling the right exercises (‘baptism‘, ‘tithing‘, ‘church membership‘…), going through the motions of churchian culture, copyrighted by an institutionalist covenant with false gods.

These distractions and busybody, counterfeit caricatures of pious ‘religion’ are not subjected to the jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom. Their magicians and sophists and warlocks do not keep the commands of Christ and reflect the role of Biblical and historical pastors and elders, but rather something less productive than even the Pharisees. And, like the Pharisees, they will lead you into the bondage of public religion which provides for them their 501c3 covens and sustains their panhandling pulpits.

The shepherds of the first century provided real, selfless service and practiced the pure religion that not only sustained an entire nation of Christians in welfare and education and healthcare and salty-bright holiness, but did so in humility and meekness without any positions of authority. They blazed trails for an actual and literal Kingdom of God with rights and responsibilities and ordinances and government and prosperity. The far-cry clergy of this century maintain a deceitful version of the Kingdom of God. When professing Christians became slothful and covetous, applying to the false gods of human civil government for validation, protection, provision, and direction, the relationships of those ‘christians’ and the characters of those pastors changed through perversion. Their interpretations of the injunctions of Scripture were perverted in the process, starting a snowball effect regarding dead traditions and human superstitions that culminate in what we have today. Going through the motions of the cathartic, entertaining rituals of 501c3 untrue and defiled religion will only leave you empty, waiting to be filled by destruction.

Flee the silly, superstitious cult of Churchianity. Its thin veil masks its tether to the unrighteous mammon, and just like every incarnation before it, that mammon will sink like the Titanic, capsized from its own sloth, lethargy, covetousness, and hatred for its neighbor and the God of the early Christians.

Do not be like the lotus-eaters or listen to the siren’s song emanating from the pulpit. It will only confuse you and lead you to your destruction, albeit piously and merrily.

Rather, repent and seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.


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