It is the essence of both ageism and statism to describe the fact that Ireland’s civil government is moving away from civil prohibition against murdering fetal image bearers of God as some sort of great increase of wickedness and sin. Consider the fact that surgical abortion (the practice in question) only makes up a tiny demographic of the ongoing abortion holocaust is greatly eclipsed by practices like In Vitro Fertilization and Hormonal birth control, both of which have been extremely influential in exterminating the Irish population for decades.

IVF and hormonal contraception kill more prenatal children every year than surgical abortion ever will, and pretending to be outraged that the State gives some kind of meaningless license to its pagan citizens to extend that infanticide to include surgical abortion is nothing short of ageism.


More importantly, to imaginatively place culpability in the hands of Ireland’s civil government, as if it were lawgiver and judge, is to elevate it into the position of god, which is definitively nothing short of Statism. And that is exactly what the magistrates of Ireland are: false gods, as they are Benefactors who exercise authority, not unlike every magistrate in human history.

You can seek the kingdom of Ireland by legitimizing the sovereignty of its courts over the people, or you can seek the Kingdom of Heaven by calling the people to repent of placing their equity, faith and souls under the power of false gods and their attempts at dictating justice and morality, and seek to take back their personal responsibility to perform justice and love their neighbors as themselves, all under God’s sole jurisdiction in Christ’s kingdom.

The Kingdom of Ireland has always been on the broad path to destruction, including the literal destruction of children. The Kingdom of God is on the narrow path that leads to life, including the life-giving staple of un-outsourced personal responsibility.


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