A word to those who accuse anarchists (abolitionists) of desiring to allow child sacrifice (abortion) to run rampant and unchecked in society just because those anarchists condemn the idolatry of choosing human rulers to take the responsibility of regulating abortion at the expense (legal burdens/taxation) of the people:

Look at it this way. Abortion is the greatest symptom of a culture that has been given over to debased minds. Greater than even the chattel slavery of the 1800s. Greater than even homosexuality, which is the example the apostle Paul gives as a symptom of trusting in magistrates to begin with (thus receiving a debased mind, no longer being ruled by God in one’s heart and mind but given over to be ruled by men who play god.)

Take that, and realize that abortion and homosexuality were just as common in Christ’s day as they are in ours, but the Gospel Christ preached is focused on proscribing the need for magistrates to rule over each other and use taxes to do so. His message explained that sin begets sin begets sin. Idolatry (trusting in magistrates) and covetousness (receiving welfare and ‘justice’ at the expense of your neighbor’s income) and sloth (failing to provide for your family to prevent them from turning to Egypt during times of famine) begets bondage (social contracts, taxation, heavy legal burdens) which begets, through collective license and democracy, sins like homosexuality and abortion (not needing a strong family because you have a strong civil bureaucracy to provide for you through fiat currency and civil infrastructure makes children and hetero-procreation expendable.)

Couple these two realities with the fact that the Israelites described Pharaoh’s provision for them during their sloth in the face of famine as a ‘good thing’ even though it meant their slavery.

These ideas joined together makes the ‘good’ that magistrates do little more than the same pragmatism that abolitionists are used to condemning pro-lifers over. Do evil so that good may come? The road to hell is paved with such logic.

To more pointedly address the concern for having ‘good’ lesser magistrates to stymie the federal beast: federal government, like all human civil government is meant to be a tyranny. Its purpose by God is to make you cry out in judgment for putting
your faith in it to begin with. Sin leads you to bondage. Taxation is justice. Tyrants are your sin coming home to roost. And nothing can redeem you unless Christ provides a kingdom through His Gospel, and your repentance unto it is rewarded.

Any good that false gods (magistrates) do is in spite of themselves, and Satan has every right and ability to use it to further your bondage and the bondage of your peers. And he will. Because you need to learn to cry out to God and not some governor for redemption.

The real solution for unchecked evils is a grassroots approach, born in preaching holiness and practicing the ministry of reconciliation. Personal responsibility to love one’s neighbor through free will endeavors sum up most of the commands of Christ, and it is only those kinds of endeavors that Christ intends to bless.


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