When it comes to the subject of patriarchy, the great irony is that most of, both its ‘defenders’ and detractors, are not only living in, but promoting the judgment that occurs when a society is no longer patriarchal.

Because God’s order for society is holistic, man having political jurisdiction over his wife, demanding of him protection, is a protection over their marriage and children, and therefore of a free society. A wife having a meek nurture towards her husband and their children is what nurtures society.

These attributes are intrinsic to an anarchist society. Anarchism does not mean that either husband or wife is allowed to act of their own accord. The husband must rule well in order to provide and leave an estate for his progeny. The wife must genuinely receive her coverture in submission in order to capably strengthen the political unit of the family.

The only way for women to abandon their coverture is to go and become covered by the government. In order to try and become ‘equal’ to their husbands, they have to first become civil slaves. To try and become equal, they have to become a legally separate person, which means they are no longer one flesh with their husbands. They are no longer in matrimony, but are instead married under false gods, by the power invested by the municipality of wherever.

In a patriarchal society, a wife is already equal with her husband in all the ways that matter. The man may have authority and final say, but as they are one flesh, she helps him make decisions. The husband must be culpable for the actions made as one flesh, as Adam was confronted for Eve’s actions in the Garden, but the wife must help him make wise decisions which is necessary for them to take dominion over the earth. A truly Biblical marriage with the principles of coverture and headship is more egalitarian than even egalitarians want marriage to be, and it is a necessary component to a literal Christian society. There is nothing more egalitarian than being one flesh. The complaints against this are only a strawman against God’s design.

Anarchism only means the preservation of the family and society by partaking in no social contracts with ruling men, where they must give up their rights and power of choice to Benefactors who exercise authority who thereby determine what individuals can and cannot do both without and within the family. This is statism.

Statism means giving the government the power of the state (the family), by rejecting its God-given liberty, equity and power of choice. Anarchism means becoming the state: keeping your liberty and equity and power of choice. Separating the government from the state is repentance unto anarchism.

The state has an order through the family structure. The government has order through a network of ministers who possess no equity, but only the desire to serve the state through called-out service and redistributing the charity of the state. These orders remain separate in a free society.

The family unit is the foundation for the state in a free society. It is patriarchal, but it is not brutish. When patriarchy becomes tyranny, the family fails and then society collapses. It is in the man’s best interest to husband and father well. If he does not, through sloth or pride or other sin, the efficacy of his family fails. And his family goes under the power of human government through civil relationships by legal contracts.


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