The Beauty of Biblical Womanhood

The Beauty of Biblical Womanhood

The topic of Anarchism is typically associated with rebellion and agitation which drums up feelings of hard-nosed masculinity, power and chaos. It is the inclination of those under ‘a strong delusion‘ to muddy word meanings and make crooked the way to ‘salvation.’

True anarchism, complete in ideology, is not chaotic or exclusively summed up in masculine power, but thrives upon a nurturing, self-sacrificial spirit that is very commonly manifested in women: with wives, and with mothers. Anarchism without assistance does not create or care for a free society. It does not love its neighbor unto a prosperous society. Women are the first vessels of society. Society is born out of a womb of a woman, and without women, there is no society. It has no life. In an anarchist society, a woman’s sacred job rests upon the weightier matters: health, education, and welfare.

Free women, not outsourcing their responsibilities to human civil government, are healthcare practitioners. Experts in chemistry, they are responsible for the nutrition of their families, deft dieticians that nurture and empower society. They are knowledgeable educators, building up future productive members of a free society in matters of arithmetic, history, theology, and various other subjects; the most important subject being ethics. Free women are proficient examples of welfare, sacrificing their lives for the betterment of husbands and children, especially in their illnesses.

The virtue of a free wife includes testing the mettle of her husband, compelling him to rise to the occasion of being a provider, husband, father, and leader. As one flesh, she provides him with the reinforcement towards headship, being a servant to his coverture, meekly attending to the affairs of the family.

Uncommon in modern society, corrupted by the distractions afforded in seeking or relying upon authoritative structures and positions, women endeavoring to be free do not need to exercise authority over their neighbor and usurp the roles of their husbands. They are daughters of a King whose Spirit writes his law on the hearts and minds of other freefolk, freeing them from the need of human rulers and therefore the repercussions of contentious women. The great progress of free women, in addition to the paramount roles of helpmeets and mothers, is that of moral suasion. To declare the King’s decrees and explain his ordinances and to simply call the culture to repent unto his kingdom is authority enough for free women. Even the authority of the Great Commission is ultimately one of nurturing the lost to be proper citizens of God’s Kingdom.

In a worldly, broken society, one characterized by human civil government, women commonly attempt to usurp their husband’s equity, endeavoring to remain separate, legal persons who no longer serve the family, but serve the human civil government through employment, or voluntary indentured servitude. They give up their roles to be the family’s educator, healthcare practitioner, and welfare agent to the corrupted system intrinsic to human civil government, which rely on the forced contributions of the people. They become loud, boisterous, and even masculine, giving up the nature of God for the weaker vessel, and taking up the nature of the Adversary by rejecting the Holy Spirit’s calling.

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